About Us

Freedom Clothing Collective was created eight years ago with the  goal of supporting and showcasing local designers. It's been an upword battle full of passion and we've learned a whole bunch. It's been ever growing and ever changing. Over the years we had the pleasure of meeting and working with many designers, who brought their own unique design sensibility to the store. 
We love beautiful well-fitting clothing and jewellery, AND believe in ethical production. We carry designers from all over Canada, who believe in the same things. When you shop with us, you will be supporting local artisans, local families, local communities, who strive to make a living and a difference in our industry.  In order to avoid waste, many of our designers will make small batches, limited runs and made to order pieces. Since pieces are made on demand this means very little waste at the end of each season. Each item is unique and will make you feel special! 
We love to hear from you. Please write us with any questions, comments or recommendation you might have at freedom.clothing@gmail.com